Replace “Slide to Unlock” with “Tap to Unlock”

There have been a wide variety of jailbreak tweaks over the years, some of which have been subject to numerous downloads. While there are some really great ones out there, there are also some that appear to have been created just for the sake of it, a bit like this new one.


Features :

The jailbreak app is called TaptoUnlock and it looks as though it has been created to help out those who like to theme their devices. Many of the similar tweaks are not able to present accurate information or the slider doesn’t fit with the particular theme. This tweak makes changes to all the sliders and turns them into buttons which can then be tapped to carry out the function. It changes every slider, like the power down, unlock and notification ones into buttons and labels each one with the correct information.

How to Download and Install :

It’s a nice tweak if you are into theming your device and it works with all themes. It’s available on the BigBoss Repository on Cydia, Free of charge and looks as though it supports all iOS versions.