LuckyCat Trojan spreading on Mac’s Worldwide

Soon after the FlashBack Trojan hit 600,000 Macs computers worldwide , a new trojan named LuckyCat has surfaced which infects Mac computers using malicious Microsoft Word Files . It creates a backdoor on Apple Mac OSX and uses an exploit existing in Microsoft Word documents in order to spread. Security firms all over the world are busy tracking down the source and patch the problem as soon as possible .

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How LuckyCat Trojan Works :

According to experts from KasperksyLab , the operation of the bot was done manually , which means a real attacker will have to manually check the infected machines and extracts data from them. The infected machine could be taken over by a remote user once the connection is made . The trojan named “Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a” is only a threat to Mac OSX users, and uses a Java exploit to infect the target. Once it has infiltrated the Mac OSX , it then spreads via MS Word documents which exploit a vulnerability called “CVE-2009-0563.”

How to Remove LuckyCat Trojan once infected :

The only way to remove any trojan from Mac OSX is update/download a patch from Apple. Alternatively you can download the following apps to protect yourself from being infected in the first place .

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