Remote Controlled Drone Helicopter for iPhone

AR.Drone , the augmented reality game for the iPhone is here . Drone miniature helicopter [quadricopter] with four propellers lets you play video games in real life with your iPhone 4 . Designed by French company named Parrot , AR.Drone can be remote-controlled using WiFi Technology on your iPhone iPod Touch or iPad [iTunes app]. Fitted with multiple camera’s you get the drone view from your iPhone display .

Parrot Drone has embedded accelerometer and gyroscope . It has intelligent ultrasonic sensors which keeps it away from crashing into objects during flight and levels itself automatically while maneuvering . It streams real-time video at 640×480 resolution to your idevice and is fun to fly even when out of sight  . The drone is powered by a 1000 mAh battery that give the unit 15 minutes of flight time .

Where to Buy :

You can buy the quadricopter for $299 in the United States . Buy online . Link

Watch the video right below to get more ideas of using it for fun during Flight :.

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