Recover Lost Iphone 4 – App

We all love our iPhone’s . But think of a situation when you have dropped your phone somewhere and can’t find it . There are several cases of lost iPhones every month . People loose their phones , and this is the truth. But you can recover your lost phone using this very essential app . The best use of this app is when you never use it , but it’s always good to be prepared for the uncertain.


Sonic Phone Finder App in iTunes uses iPhone’s Push Notification Service and the inbuilt GPS feature to help you locate and recover your lost iPhone. This app works on iphone 4 3GS with iOS 4 . Track your iphone any time from the developer’s website without the app needing to be open.


Though no app can guarantee 100% chances of recovering your iphone , this app can give 98% accurate results while locating your device . Rest depends on luck . You can send messages to the person who found your iphone, scare him a little with the push notification & get them to return your iphone to a nearby police-station or something.