How to Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone 4S

If you have lost or deleted the contacts on your iPhone 4S by mistake , this tutorial will guide you through the recovery process of your phone’s contacts list . For the process to work you will need a computer with iTunes installed , a wired internet connection/WiFi/3G , USB cable and your iPhone .

Method 1 : Steps to Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone using iCloud

  1. On your iPhone home screen go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings iphone 5 icloud
  2. Here select the iCloud account . Older iOS users select MobileMe . You get a list of all the information that iCloud/MobileMe is syncing on web servers
  3. Turn Off Contacts toggle . You will get the dialogue box asking to select any of the two options ,  “Delete from My iPhone” or “Keep on My Phone” . To avoid the risk of duplicating contacts choose Delete from my iPhone .recover lost contacts iphone 5
  4. As the process of deletion is under progress the screen will show “Turning Off Contacts” .
  5. After all the contacts are removed , just go back and toggle the contacts switch to ON . You will see the syncing icon on your iPhone’s status bar  as shown here . This means the download/upload with iCloud through WiFi/3G is in progress .wifi sync ipod touch 4
  6. After 5 minutes of so you will find that your contacts list has been downloaded from the iCloud backup and restored on the phone . Congratulations , you contacts are now recovered . Proceed to Method 2 explained below for another iPhone Contacts List Recovery process . The method works on iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad with iCloud Sync enabled .

Note :

If you are using iOS 5 you can use iCloud or if you are on an older firmware/device with MobileMe the process works the same to recover your lost iPhone contacts .This method works with any device connected with the cloud including your iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 3G , iPod Touch (all versions) and iPad (all versions) . You must first login to your iCloud or MobileMe account to verify that the contacts are synced as shown in the image below .

icoud contacts list recovery

Method 2 : Steps to Restore Lost Contacts using iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer  and plug-in your iPhone into your computer using the USB cable
  2. Right click on “iPhone” on the left sidebar of the iTunes window under “Devices” column .
  3. Now select “Restore From Backup” option and choose the backup version to which you want to restore the iPhone . Select the backup files from the drop down list. itunes_restore_from_backup
  4. After the restore is complete , you can open Contacts app on your iPhone and see all the deleted contacts restored .

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