Record Phone Calls on iPhone 4 – Call Recorder App

Want to record a conversation stealthily. Here are some iPhone 4 call recorder app for you. Record any incoming or outgoing voice call on your iPhone 4 . Recorder is your one-button audio recording solution available in the AppStore . Requires no Jailbreaking . We have reviewed these call recording apps for you below. Please check and share this article on Facebook and Twitter . These are some paid and free to download and use apps for you .

1. Recorder by Retronyms


call recorder iphone 4

Features :

  • Record for unlimited hours allowed by free space on your phone.
  • Pause the recorder voice during playback.
  • Edit and Email recordings clips.
  • WiFi sync any recordings.
  • Record at 44.1k high quality clarity.
  • Pause recording during call.
  • Voice level meter.

Download and Installation :

iPhone Call Recorder App can be downloaded from Apple AppStore for $0.99 . iTunes Link.

2. Google Voice

Using this Google app you can send and receive free text messages to US phones and make international calls at very low rates. Access your voicemail messages while making calls with your Google Voice number on your Google Voice account . You can download Google Voice app from Itunes for Free . Link .

3.  Acrobits Softphone

You get Google Voice integration on this app for making and recording calls over WiFi VoIP . Download the app from iTunes for $6.99 . Link .

4. SkyRecorder for VoIP

This app can record calls on Viber and Skype. This is a premium app so read the reviews before making a purchase. Read more here .

5. EONPhone :

call recorder iphone 4s

EONPhone is another voice over ip solution that allows you to talk and record an ongoing conversation on your iPhone . Along with Free VoIP you get Unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada for a low monthly fee . EONPhone Integrates with your iPhone contacts. This is a free to download app from AppStore . You can download it here .

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  1. Best VoIP app for iPhone Users – Viber

Viber call clarity and service is the best and number one choice for all iOS users . It connects faster than Facetime and uses less power which usually warms the read of your iPhone , iPod Touch . Above all its a free to use app and require two phones with Viber installed . Viber Supports iOS and Android. WiFi is required for placing the calls and text messages .