Rebel Sim is Fake ?

On of our readers reported that Rebel Sim , better known as an alternative of popular Gevey Sim Unlock is a Fake. He received his purchase from Rebel  Sim official site and the material which they sent was very different as advertised . Over that it Failed to Work due to faulty manufacturing . Check out the counterfeit Rebel Sim below .

rebel sim fake

Faulty Rebel Sim :

  • The Black Micro Chip was very thick and did not fit in the iPhone Sim Slot .
  • Micro Sim did not fit in the Rebel Sim tray as the micro chip was blocking it counterfeit rebel sim
  • Abusive customer support at Rebel Sim
  • Fake comments on the working of Rebel Sim in their YouTube channel .

Check out the complete story here and please share . If you have more information about Fake Rebel Sim , please leave us a comment below and we will cover your story .

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