Top 100 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone

iPhone was first jailbroken in year 2007 and ever since there have been a thousand apps in the jailbreak appstore , Cydia . With these amazing jailbreak apps you can unlock the true potential of your smart phone running the best mobile operating system in the world , iOS . As Apple continues to get ideas from jailbreak apps and implement in iOS , jailbreak app developers come with new apps and tweaks everyday which makes your Apple device much better and fun to use .

[Image below : Dreamboard Theme]

iphone 4 theme dreamboard

Top 100 Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone – YouTube Video : Jailbreaking advantages & added features

All iOS devices including iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad and Apple TV can be jailbroken to install new apps and tweaks to get added functionality not available on iOS . Here is a 4 minute video from JailbreakMatrix blog which shows 100 different apps that can be downloaded from Cydia (jailbreak app store) .

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