Monitor Radiation Emitted from your Iphone 4

Not allowed on Apple App Store , Tawkon RealTime Radiation Monitoring app lands on  Cydia . This app will allow you to measure the radiation levels while making a call and during the phone is on idle mode .

Tawkon jailbreak app

Available in ModMyi Repository for Free , Search “Tawkon” to download this app . But first you must jailbreak your iDevice and install Cydia. Learn How to Jailbreak for detailed tutorials and video guides . The radiation level can can be scanned on a large scale depending on environmental conditions . The mobile phone emits higher level of radiation behind concrete walls than in the open space . This changes with the distance from the operator’s transmission towers and the way user holds the phone , for instance the antenna gate issue on iphone 4 .

iphone-4-radiation-level-jailbreak app

Please Note that the reading on this app may not be accurate and should not be used for scientific purpose .