PS3 Jailbreak Update – Sony Won Restraining Order Against GeoHot

Sony Corp is now a step ahead in the move to prevent GeoHot from developing and distributing PlayStation 3 Jailbreak after Court granted its plea [that was rejected earlier – read here] that brings into effect a Temporary Restraining Order to put a bar over the hacking activities of GeoHot.

ps3 jailbreak

According to Engadget US District Court released this order [below] that forbids Geohot from hacking and distributing – linking his hack for PS3 jailbreak.

PS3 jailbreak geohot

This means court will seize all the computers of Geohot and his gadgets used in the process of jailbreaking the Playstation. We are not sure how will this affect the PS3 jailbreak scene as the entire jailbreak community is unhappy over this lawsuit fired by Sony .

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