Proxy Server Created to Run SIRI

Good news for those who are keeping an eye on the progress of SIRI being ported on iPhone 4 and non-iOS devices . iPhone Developers have successfully created a proxy server to handle requests sent out by SIRI . The method required No Jailbreaking .

install SIRI on Windows Mac Linux

As you may already know SIRI is only available on iPhone 4S and the attempts to port it on iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and lower devices have failed because Apple Servers wont acknowledge the request sent out by SIRI installed on these devices . This was overcome by installing a proxy server that behaves just like Apple Server by providing SIRI with the right information which it seeks . More detailed information on how the Proxy Server works can be found here.

The video here shows how SIRI was used to control the temperature setting on a local wi-fi enabled Thermostat . SIRI responded properly to the following commands listed below . Raw outgoing and incoming data is being shown onscreen.

  • What’s the status of the thermostat ?
  • Set the thermostat to 68 degrees
  • What’s the inside temperature ?

Update : Here is another video of SIRI using proxy server to start a car . Check out complete details about the hack here .

This hack opens the door to third-party app developers who can make SIRI to work on external devices like flying a RC Helicopter or AR Drone just using your voice .

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