Print Fold and Create your Own Paper 3D Figures using Foldify

It’s time to get creative with your iPad. If you are one o f those people who loves making things then take a look at Foldify. Created by Pixle, a Polish mobile software company, the app allows your creative juices to run free and create paper-crafts that can be shared online or printed and made up.


The concept behind Foldify is really very simple. You do not need to be an artist, in fact you don’t need any skills in drawing whatsoever. The app contains all the templates and features you could possibly need.  Using these templates, it’s very simple to create fun figures that you can add features to and color in however you want to.  Your creation will appear in real-time 3-D at the side of your screen so you can see how your figure looks as you create it. And once you’re done, either share it online using Foldify Online or use Airprint to print your figure and make it.

Foldify is a great fun app for children and adults of all ages. Compatibility is for the iPad 2 and above, using iOS 5 or later and costs just $1.99 from the App Store.  Photo import will be available in the near future for those who want to get even more creative.

Download from iTunes : Link