Pre-Order iPhone 5 Online – Countries Available

With Apple’s announcement of the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone will come the usual release day rush with shoppers queuing for hours and even camping overnight. If you don’t fancy spending a night in a tent outside your local Apple store on the 21st September then do it the easy way and pre-order iPhone 5 online and they are giving free delivery to anyone who pre orders their new products. Ordering links at the bottom .

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Due to Apple selling out of their pre-order batch of iPhone 5’s in only 1 hour after the service went live the Apple Store it showing that dispatch time is within 2-3 weeks. So if you are desperate to be the first of your friends to get your hands on the new gadget this probably isn’t the way for you. If you are happy to wait those few extra days then this is certainly something to consider, after all once the initial batch of phones has gone it can take weeks for shops to get them back in stock for the general public because they will be playing catch up with supplying their pre-order customers with their new phones. This puts anyone who hasn’t pre ordered way down on the list of priorities.

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Countries where Pre-Order for iPhone 5 is Available :

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The iPhone is available for pre-order in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In other countries the customers will have to wait until the general release date and then buy from the shop or order online.

Although it looks like Apple aren’t putting any caps on the amount of pre orders they are accepting the phones are limited to two per customer and the overwhelming number of requests they have had is being reflected in the delivery time.

An option for those on contract, or looking to get a contract is to pre-order through your service provider. Trade in options are available for those who want to get some money off their new phone, and as the companies are offering to pay up to several hundred pounds for iPhone’s using this as an option may allow people to get a lower priced contract without paying any extra money for the phone, as well as saving on the monthly bill.

Delivery Time for Pre-Ordered iPhone 5 :

The delivery time for most companies stands at the same as the Apple Store, within 2-3 weeks. The new iPod Touch 5 dispatch time is listed merely as October, giving no indication of when customers may expect it.

Although the rush for any new Apple product is huge with all the hype and expectation surrounding not only the new phone, but the iPod Touch and Nano, as well as the rumored new iPads and iMacs, Apple are certainly making sure that they have every customer’s attention.

Ordering Online Details :

You can visit Apple Store for your country and order your phone online . Visit and click on the blue pre-order button on top right of the page . You will see the available carriers prodding iPhone 5 on contract .

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Stay tuned as we bring you more updates about Apple iPhone 5 . Read more about Apple’s latest release below .