Pod2G Makes His Way Out Chronic Dev Team

Here is a recent twitter update from Pod2G , a member of Chronic Dev Team who announced the next Green Pois0n Jailbreak for iPhone 4 .

From Now on, I’m not affiliated with Chronic Dev team anymore . I’m now working Independently.


Pod2g is the guy who figured out the Shatter Exploit on iPhone for firmware and promised a Boot Exploit that cannot be patched by Apple until the hardware for iPhone 4 is rebuilt and hence guaranteeing a permanent solution for jailbreaking iPhone 4.

Iphone users have no reason to worry , as this will not slow down the Jailbreak Development for Green Pois0n. Pod2G has detailed iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev team with all the information of Shatter Exploit  required for further development of GreenPois0n .

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