PDANET 4.18 – MyWi Alternative – Tethering App

In my last article I wrote about MyWi Tethering App for iphone 4 [Jailbreak App] . Alternative to MyWi is PDANET , which is one of the best tethering app for Windows and Android Phones , now ported to iOS 4 Iphone 4 . PDANET turns your iphone into a WiFi HotSpot , thus giving internet access to any WiFi enabled device [MAC – PC – Ipod Touch 4 – Ipad] connected to the Iphone . To connect with the iphone , you need to create an AD-HOC network on your computer and join that network on your iphone 4. PDANET also supports USB tethering with no known issues in the current version 4.18 .


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Please Note that you must jailbreak iPhone 4 4.1 with GreenPoison or Limera1n before you can use this tethering tool on your device. Any WiFi tethering app drains charge from the iphone quickly  , so keep it fully charged before you run the app in the background .

Installing :

You can install PDANET on a jailbroken iPhone via Cydia by going to Manage – Sources – ModMyi , then scrolling down to PDANET .

Pricing :

PDANET is free for 14 days trial , but after that it will start blocking access to secure sites unless you pay $15.99 for a license. Give it a try for 14 days before you decide to buy .

Update : One of our reader Alex reported that the USB tethering  feature of PDANET 4.18 stopped working after iTunes 10.1 upgrade . So if you are already on iTunes 10.1 , dont buy this app for USB tethering with PC until further notice from the developer . The WiFi tethering still works .