It would appear that the time has come to start looking around for alternative ways to install the content we gotten used to with jailbreaks. We haven’t seen an iPhone or iPad jailbreak for a while now and so many users can’t access Cydia anymore, missing out on read more


Everyone has heard of Nintendo and Gameboy, most people have at least see, if not played, the console games at some time or another in their life. While iOS devices are designed only for iOS games, the jailbreak developers did find a read more

Panda Helper

The last few years have been pretty woeful in terms of jailbreaks. After iOS 10 was released we only saw Yalu jailbreak but it was limited in who could use it. Enter iOS 11 and there hasn’t been one jailbreak. This has left iOS users scrambling to find other ways to read more

iRec Screen Recorder

iRec Screen Recorder app used to be incredibly popular until the developers stopped updating it and it fell out of use. Cydia users were forced to go elsewhere for their screen recording needs until now , iRec [ext read more