Outrageous Data Plan by AT&T

Recently i came across a picture tweeted by @willstraf , showing a data plan being offered by AT&T , and it was just impossible .

See to believe it :


It’s ridiculous to have such a high price data plan for which iPhone 4 users have to pay on their contract bound devices . No wonder people are so sick using the network and the cost incurred in maintaining a contract with its carrier , they want to jailbreak their phones. I just hate wireless monopoly and exclusivity given for iPhone sales in the United States.

But the good news is , jailbreak for iPhone 4 is coming up soon , hopefully within a week as tweeted by @pod2g . Though the unlock is not talked about , but it can be expected pretty soon , as jailbreak is the first thing to be done [then comes carrier unlock]. Stay tuned as we keep you updated with the latest jailbreak news.

Note : This is the International Plan . Prices for domestic plans may differ. Locked iPhone’s have no option other than opt of any of the above scheme to use their device in foreign land . So users with a locked iPhone are out of luck when they go out of States for business or holidaying .

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