Online Shop for Permanent IMEI Unlock of iPhone

If your iPhone is stuck with an unlocked baseband , here is some good news for you . Official IMEI unlock for iPhone 4 is now available through several websites that are offering permanent iPhone unlock solution using your device IMEI serial number .


Where to Buy IMEI Unlock ?

The service is offered by ApplenBerry website which allows permanent unlock without worrying about iOS upgrade or SIM card swap . IMEI unlock works with any AT&T locked iPhone model including 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S regardless of what modem baseband they are running . The vendor says that the unlock can take from 1-2 business days. You’ll receive an email once it’s complete . ApplenBerry is well known for it Gevey Sim that became a popular hardware unlock solution for the iPhone . However the IMEI unlock is an official unlocking method straight from Apple requiring No Extra Software or Hardware .

ApplenBerry IMEI Unlock Features :

  • Permanent Unlock for iPhone
  • No Turbo SIM required
  • No Jailbreak needed
  • No iOS or Baseband Restrictions
  • Increases Resale Value for your iPhone
  • Use Any GSM Network in the World

Price for IMEI Unlocking iPhone ?

The solution, as sold by ApplenBerry, comes at a hefty price tag of $150. After the unlock process is completed from AT&T’s end, the iPhone needs to be synced to iTunes on your computer .

official-iphone-unlock iphone 4s

Things to Remember :

We have already posted a tutorial about AT&T Official unlocking by paying the contract termination fee directly to AT&T . The method explained above has not been verified by us , so proceed at your own risk . You can also read about other iPhone Unlocking Methods .