Now you can Order Unlimited iPhone 5 on

Holiday season is fast approaching and Apple are celebrating by lifting the purchase limits on their unlocked iPhone 5. Now, instead of being limited to 2 per transaction with a lifetime limit of 10 you can buy as many as you like. Be aware though, for those of you that are going on an unlocked iPhone 5 spending spree, you are still limited to 10 per transaction from the Apple web store, although, if you head to a retail store you can have as many as they have in stock.

According to our sources :

The sales policy has been changed to 10 units per transaction and unlimited lifetime. When shopping online, although you can add up to 999 unlocked iPhones to your cart, the limit is still 10 per transaction.

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Both the Canadian and American branches of the online Apple store have reworded their policy to take the changes into account but do say that they will honour the limit of 10 for online purchases.  Interestingly, the iPad Mini is still on a limit of 2 to a customer.

An unlocked iPhone 5 is hugely beneficial if you don’t want to be ted to a contract with a specific carrier or want to use your phone abroad on a cheap local sim. They have all the same features as the locked version with the exception of a wireless contract.The handsets can be used on any GSM network but not on CDMA-based ones.

At the moment, the iPhone 5 is on its way to being rolled out around the world, although news is out that the iPhone 5S is rumoured to be released next year.  Whether Apple really are relaxing their policy or whether it’s just because they havent sold as many as they thought they would (iOS 6 Maps might have something to do with that), for those of you that feel the need to own 10 iPhone 5s now is the time to get them.