No Wiggle Jailbreak Tweak – Stop The Jiggling

Last day i wrote about LockDown Jailbreak app that prevents your iphone 4 apps from getting deleted accidentally. Today I will write about changing the wiggling behaviour of iOS devices .

Jiggling in Action :

wiggle_enabled_iphone_4NoWiggle is a jailbreak app that stops the jiggling of apps when they are deleted .Most of us like the wiggling interface while deleting but some of you may be sick of this and want to try NoWiggle [image below]. This jailbreak app is available for free download in Cydia under BigBoss Repository .

nowiggle jailbreak app

nowiggle iphone 4 jailbreak app

The above image shows that icons are stationary unlike the image at the top where they are jiggling . To get NoWiggle you have to jailbreak iphone 4 3GS 3G using available jailbreak tools. Just follow the jailbreak tutorial to jailbreak your idevice [iphone ipod touch ipad] with compatible jailbreak tools and install NoWiggle from Cydia.

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