New Windows Phone Ads say “Dont Waste Money on iPhone”

A new series of Windows Phone adverts has been released, pitting the Windows Phone 8 firmly against the iPhone 5, stating that the “iPhone has met its match”.  Microsoft Evangelist Ben Rudolph, otherwise know as The PC Guy and a self-confessed gadget geek, stars in the videos as the main spokesperson for Windows 8.

iphone 5 waste

The videos depict Ben showing off the Windows Phone 8 X OS, claiming that it is the best on the market and telling viewers not to waste their money on an iPhone.  The two models that are being demonstrated are the flagship Windows 8 X by HTC and the Nokia Lumia 920.  The “public” participants in each of the videos are shown the new operating system and what it can do, including a new feature called Live Tiles in which the user can tile all the information about a certain contact to their start screen. The information shown isn’t just basic contact information but also latest social networking updates, making it easier to keep in touch and make contact.  He also compares the camera capability of the Nokia Lumia 920 to the iPhone 5 .  Mr Rudolph is seen to be giving each of the videos participants a brand new free Windows Phone, either an HTC or a Nokia Lumia 920 in a bid to get them to ditch their iPhone’s and make the change.

Video 1 :

Video 2 :

Video 3 :

One of the reasons that some products succeed over others is because the advertisers put their message across in such a way hat it is hard to ignore; it’s not always because the product is better than any other. These adverts do seem to be better than the previous Smoked by Windows challenge adverts but is it enough to prise hardened Apple fans away from their iPhones and onto a different system? Only time will tell.