New Patent will allow Apple to Log everything on your iOS Device

Anyone who has been using Apple devices for a while will remember iPhone location tracking and the controversy surrounding it.  That was nothing compared to what could be in store, if Apple get their way.  Users of future iOS versions could find that everything they do on their device, be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod, will be logged. And I mean everything. Every email, phone call or text message, every website you visit, photos, videos and music that you look at or store and every single keystroke you make, your Tweets and Likes, it will all be time stamped and stored away.


What are the implications of the invasion of privacy with a system like this?  There aren’t any because,believe it or not, Apple are not playing evil games with you. In fact, their intentions are purely for the good of their users.  What they are hoping to achieve is to make your life easier, at least the one you live on your mobile device anyway.  The ultimate plan is make your mobile computing experience more personal and tailored to your lifestyle.

So, how are they going to achieve this?  Easy really, they are going to make use of a journaling file system that already exists within OS X. according to the United State Patent that has been submitted, this system “stores event data related to applications or other sub-systems”.  It’s not a new concept though, not by any means.  Enter stage left Dominic Giampalo. The idea that Apple are proposing has been borrowed from Mr Giampalo who developed the BEoS journaling file system in 1996-1997. He now works for Apple.


How does it work?  When journaling is activated on the mobile device, every single piece of data is collected and stored in a central database, which is updated regularly.  When the user executes a search query, iOS accumulates all the data relating to the query from this database and produces the results.  Let’s say, for example that you want to access an email you received on a certain date. Rather than scrolling through reams of entries, simply ask the system to search for emails received on a specific date and/or time span and it will bring up all the relevant data for you.  Just think about the possibilities of using this system in conjunction with Siri as well. You can ask her what you were doing on a set date and time or how many text messages you have sent in the last month and she will call upon all the stored data and tell you.

iphone 4 tracking data

This is not even a small dent in the capabilities of this system.  By allowing Apple to document your iOS life and upload it to iCloud for serious analysis you could be looking at a service that is very similar in nature to Google Now, the personal assistant that is available on the Android operating system.  Basically, it will allow  Apple to get you the information you want, when you want it.

Is Big Brother really watching you? Who knows, But Apple could be in the future.

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