New Casio G-Shock Links Up with iPhone to bring Notifications

Not so long back there was a little bit of hope that the iPod Nano could be developed into an iWatch but Apple’s decision to make it bigger has effectively shot the idea down in flames.  However, all is not lost as Casio have come up trumps with a watch that has been promising to make an appearance since last year.

casio iphone compatible-Optimized

The Casio GB6900AA (product link) has finally been released in the USA after several delays. The G-Shock range of watches are tough and durable, wholly compatible with an active lifestyle or suitable as a fashion accessory.They already include tons of features such as GPS, heart monitors and timers for those who are race training, alongside the ability to track progress on your PC.  Now Casio have gone one step further and incorporated Bluetooth 4 technology into the watch and the ability to sync with your iPhone.  It will notify you of incoming calls, text messages and emails, along with calendar notifications and reminders, alleviating the need that some have to be constantly glued to their iPhone in case they miss something, and allows you to leave the phone in your pocket or bag until its needed.

It also has a handy “Find Me” feature that, if you lose your iPhone, can be activated. This will send a signal to the iPhone making it vibrate and sound alarms. As well as this, if your watch and iPhone go out of range of each other the watch will vibrate to warn you. The Casio G-Shock will sync with your iPhone to display the correct time at all times. whilst you will not be able to action any of the notifications on your watch right now, it’s something that could be incorporated in the future and, if Apple and Casio get together, you might also find Siri functionality  on future models of the watch as well.

G-Shock in Action with iPhone : YouTube Video

On top of all of this, the G-Shock GB6900AA has many of the usual G-Shock specs including being shock resistant and water-resistant to 200m. It is currently on sale in the USA for $180.00 and is available in black, brown, blue and white.  It is compatible with the iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1 and iOS 6 and on the iPhone 5. In order to sync the watch and your iPhone you will need to download the G-Shock+ application, free of charge, from the App Store Link .

Source : Casio . Buy Here : Amazon