New Android Malware disguised as Play Store app – Sends Spam SMS

Android operating systems seem to be the number one target for Malware. Since 2011, numerous malicious apps have appeared and yet another has just been discovered by Doctor Web, Russian Security firm.  The Trojan, known as DDoS.1 appears on the mobile phone as an icon that look identical to the official Google Play Store icon.  Once accessed, the Malware will access the phone, sending your phone number out to criminal elements who will most definitely use it for malicious purposes, including launching  a DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service.

android_ddos1 (1)-Optimized

It isn’t easily detected at first because, when it is launched it opens like the real Google Play Store.  The effects of the Trojan are a lowered performance of the phone and potentially huge service charge bills, especially if the phone number is used to send messages to premium numbers.  The phone owner will most likely find their phone flooded with spam messages as well.

Advice at the moment is not to panic as it doesn’t to be in full flow at the moment. However, this is one of the more potent threats found and users are urged to exercise caution when accessing apps, only going through the official channels The other alternative is to install mobile security software on the phone.

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