NCK Unlock – Permanently Carrier Unlock Iphone 4

The iPhone 4 Unlock that was going to be released after iOS 4.3 firmware turned out to be a big flop as MuscleNerd , Sherif Hashim accepted that their 02.10.04 – 03.10.01 unlock exploits are not working and they were actually SIM specific [read our last post] . The unlock only works on Iphone 3GS and 3G but not on 4th generation iPhone’s with 02.10.04 – 03.10.01 basebands .

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nck unlockBut don’t loose hope yet as the Dev Team is starting from scratch , now working on a different exploit discovered by GeoHot 3 years back called NCK Key Cracking or NCK Unlock . Below is an excerpt from Iphone Wiki Mod @Veeence who explained in details about NCK Keys and their take on the next unlock .

What is this NCK-key cracking? How does it work?

The NCK-key is the key generated by Apple if you’d officially unlock you iPhone, and with officially I mean, via your carrier. This “NCK-unlock” method is known over a few years now, actually since geohot started working on unlocking the iPhone 2G. He developed a program that could “crack” this 15 digits long key and unique for every device

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That being said , iPhone Unlockers must wait for one more month at least to see the current progress before that can decide if they want to sell off their locked iphone 4’s and buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5 .

Update : MuscleNerd in twitter :

nck Unlock tool iphone 4

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