Musician to launch a new iPhone Accessory

Black Eyed Peas Rapper and entrepreneur, has announced that he is going to be launching a line of accessories and apps for the iPhone.  Hired as a creative director for Intel last year, the star has created a whole range of hardware that he claims will transform your smartphone into a “Genius-Phone”. iphone accesory

The first product to be launched under the name is a camera accessory that clips onto your iPhone.  It will then turn your current 8 megapixel camera into an incredible 14 megapixel camera, providing much better clarity and definition to your photographs.  Speaking exclusively to The Daily Telegraph, says that the accessory has its own sensor and a much better flash ; all the consumer has to do is dock their iPhone to the accessory and they will take over the phone.

The idea was born at a photo shoot, during which a model took a photograph with her iPhone and it was circulated worldwide before the shoot was finished. says he took hold of one of the photographers lenses and held it up to his iPhone saying “imagine this one day” and “I’m going to do this”.

Apple have granted a license to develop the accessory and an app for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5. However, the star says that this is just the beginning and a whole range of hardware tech will follow on from this.

The accessory is due to be launched on 28th November at a press conference in London. Although there are no pricing details yet, Selfridges will have exclusive rights to sell the camera accessory from early December. Stay tuned as we bring you the updates about the new product and its price .

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