With the advances made on the iPhone and the iPad in recent years, more and more people are now using them to watch Movies or their favorite TV shows. MovieBox is an app well worth looking at, full of TV show episodes and movies, including a whole section of Full HD content. And, where other apps dictate that you must download the content first, with MovieBox, you can simply stream it, saving a ton of space on your iPhone or iPad.

Image : MovieBox Download Tutorial

Before we can talk about how you can download MovieBox today, we need to tell you a couple of things:

  1. No jailbreak is needed for MovieBox which makes it available to all
  2. You will need to use an app installer called AppValley to get MovieBox because Apple won’t let it go into the iOS app store. In their eyes, MovieBox doesn’t meet their guidelines but we can reassure you that it has been tested and is safe and stable to use.

How to Download MovieBox :

While many of us are used to downloading apps in this way now, some won’t be, and the steps might look a bit confusing. It isn’t as easy as downloading from the app store but, so long as you follow these steps properly, it wont take long. It is only because of the security that Apple has in place and the fact that they won’t allow MovieBox in the app store that we have to do it in this way. Also, if you find that MovieBox won’t open after installation, don’t worry , it is a certificate error and is very easy to fix; we’ll be giving you the details after the download steps:

  1. Download AppValley [ext link] making sure to follow the tutorial at the link carefully 
  2. Now launch AppValley on your device and go to the Search facility
  3. Type in MovieBox and when the results list is loaded, tap the one that matches the iOS version you have
  4. On the message that pops up, tap download
  5. Confirm your intention of downloading MovieBox [ext link] by tapping Install on the confirmation message
  6. Now wait while the installation completes and then you can shut AppValley
  7. On your home screen, you should now see the MovieBox icon , tap on it to open and start streaming 

How to Fix MovieBox Errors :

We are going to look at two errors with MovieBox , the first won’t happen to everyone, the second one will. When you attempt to open MovieBox and it doesn’t work, or you get an Unknown Source error, this is because Apple doesn’t recognize the certificate as being reputable. It is a World of Enterprise certificate and you will need to tell Apple that its OK to run it:

  1. Open Settings > General > Profile & Device Management 
  2. Find the World of Enterprise certificate and tap it
  3. Tap Trust and close Settings
  4. Try MovieBox again and it should now work

If you follow these steps immediately after installing MovieBox, you won’t get the error

Another error that will affect all users is that Movie Box will stop working after a few days and the only way you can get it back is to reinstall it. The only reason this happens is that the app certificate is not seen as valid by Apple and they revoke all invalid certificates. This is easy to fix, just download Anti Revoke [ext link] after installing MovieBox and Apple will not be able to revoke the certificates.

MovieBox Alternative :

MovieBox is one of the top entertainment apps but not everyone will get on with it. There is, however, an alternative that you can try:

  • CinemaBox

CinemaBox is a great alternative to MovieBox, allowing you to do pretty much the same in streaming TV shows or movies straight on your iPhone or iPad.  However, it is slightly different in that, if you don’t want to watch straightaway, you can download any movie or show and watch it offline later. With support for Chromecast included, you can also stream your viewing choice to a larger TV or computer screen and there is a Kids mode for when your children want to watch something. CinemaBox works on both iOS and Android, and requires no jailbreak so click on the given link to find out how you can download CinemaBox today.

MovieBox can also be installed through Yalu jailbreak so, if you can, download Yalu jailbreak, and then download MovieBox from Cydia [ext link].

Tell us how you installed MovieBox and what you think of it. For the latest in jailbreak updates, follow us on Facebook.



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