Mini Dock Connector on iPhone 5 Confirmed

According to a report from Reuters , the next iPhone 5 will have a 8 pin mini dock connector , replacing the 30 pin dock . This will make space for the headphone jack that will now relocate at the bottom . See images below leaked by 9to5Mac blog . Changing the dock connector is a significant move made by Apple’s design team because it may render old chargers and accessories useless without a mini dock adapter . However this can be the case as Apple already changed the MagSafe adapters in the new MacBook pro series .

Update : You can buy adapters for older accessories from Amazon here .

lightning to 30 pin adapter for iPhone 5

Image below : iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5 usb ports

iphone 5 19 pin usb cable

iphone-5-case dock connector

Expected Changes in iPhone 5 :

The iPhone connector has been a standard for a long time , with accessory vendors creating myriad of compatible devices such as speakers and power chargers that form part of the ecosystem around iPods , iPads and iPhones . The 30-pin connector  that is 21 mm wide takes up a lot of space . Micro USB on the other hand offer more power in less space  . Smaller connector like the one shown here will give Apple more scope for new product designs or a bigger battery, or simply to make even smaller devices  .

The images shown above are released by 9to5mac blog seemingly from Chinese supply chain sources . The machine cut lines shown inside the shell could indicate these are prototype pieces and may not exactly resemble the final shipping device . iPhone 5 will launch along with iOS 6 in September this year . A larger 4 inch retina display is expected on the 6th generation iPhone with other rumored improvements like 4G LTE support, a faster processor with more RAM and a better camera .

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