Milo – iPhone Stand Review

For those of you that love your iPhones and iPods there are some really cool accessories to be had. Take the iPhone stand for example. There are plenty of them on the market but one that really stands out is the Milo iPhone Stand from BlueLounge.  Its sleek and elegant design is simplicity in the making and, recently revamped, it now has an aluminum base to match your iPhone.

iphone 5 stand

Those of you that use a stand know how important viewing angle is and the ability for the stand to hold the iPhone securely.  While the Milo cannot be adjusted, it does have a pretty good viewing angle, especially if you are using it at your desk.  To hold your iPhone and the stand in place, the Milo makes use of a hi-tech Japanese micro-suction technology.  This grips the device securely at any angle, is easy to keep clean and, maybe more importantly, doesn’t leave any marks or sticky residue on the device or surface on which it is attached.

Milo Stand Video :

It does have a downside to it though. Unfortunately, the Milo should only be used on smooth, non-textured and non-porous surfaces. BlueLounge do warn users that trying to attach the stand to a textured surface may result in the stand tipping over. They recommend, in these circumstances, to just lean the phone against the stand rather than attaching it, which rather defeats the object of having the stand in the first place.


  • Inexpensive
  • Solid aluminum base
  • Micro suction pad work great
  • Matching iPhone colours


  • Needs to be placed on a flat surface

The Milo iPhone stand is also suitable for the iPod Touch, comes in black or white aluminum and is available for the small price of just $14.95. Available on Amazon .