Manage your 3G Data Usage – Jailbreak App

Iphone offers you to monitor total data transferred while accessing internet on your device . For those how are using data capped plans , keeping an eye on the total usage details is quite important to keep expenses in check . Jailbroken iPhone users can now install a Jailbreak App from Cydia named Data Counter.

data counter

data counter

This app keeps track of all your data usage displayed on a simple user interface with graphical aswell as tabular reports on the click of a button . Filter your data usage by date, either with a graph chart or with a simple text report . This app comes in handy for web users who tend to cross their daily usage limit. The app costs 2.99$ on Cydia for the full version .

Alternative to this is DataMan on iTunes , for those who don’t have a jailbroken iPhone 4 and still awaiting for the GreenPosi0n Jailbreak which us expected to be around next week .


DataMan is available for download at $0.99 . More Jailbreak Apps . Dont forget to subscribe to Email Updates or Join us on Facebook