Make Free Calls & SMS from iPhone to Android

Viber is now available for Android powered phones . Viber is a a popular VOIP application that allows Free Calling between two smart phones having Viber installed on them. Till this day , viber was only avilable for iOS devices [iphone ipod touch] , but not its alwo available for Android smart phones aswell.

Free voice calling iphone to android

Viber is Free

Viber itself is free , so you can use it to call over voip and also send text messages. When you connect your device with viver , all your viber friends can see your viber enabled number . So instead of placing a regular call , they will now call you via Viber which is Free and works on WiFi for better voice clarity.

Viber makes International Calling Free . Check out the official video on YouTube below .

How to Make Free Calls from iPhone to any Android Phone :

  1. First install Viber from Android Marketplace here
  2. After the app is installed , it will ask you to resgiter .
  3. Enter your mobile number abd a verification SMS will eb eset to you which you need to enter to activate the app.
  4. Now open Viber application and tap on Contacts tab .
  5. Select Viber enabled numebr and place your call . You can also invite your friends to download and install Viber . Its all Free .

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