Make Animated Photographs using iPhone App

Create animated .GIF files using an iPhone app . Capture and create moving images with this app created by Flixel Photos without requiring expensive camera equipment. The pictures will continue to move in a loop forward or backward with animation effects and filters . The process of creating such live images require a computer and related software which are usually complex to use for newbies , but the app designers have carefully optimized the Flixel app it to work on low processing powered mobile devices like iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch (even older 3rd generation devices) to edit and create such images with ease .

photo animation live photo app iphone

How to make animated images on your iPhone :

  1. First download the app from iTunes (link below) and take a picture .
  2. Now make a portion of that picture come to life with a few swipes of your finger tip (see video below).
  3. Using the Flixel app you can make a candle flicker continuously or a strand of hair blow in the wind .

Features :

  • Live paint your animation
  • Apply custom designed filters like in Instagram
  • Loop your animations forward or backwards
  • Surprise animation effects
  • Directly share on social Media from the app ( Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr , Google+)

Flixel Live Photo Animator app in action : YouTube Video

Download :

You can download the app from iTunes for Free here . Add more effects and filters in this app through In-App purchase . Addon pricing listed below .

  1. All Filters Bundle $1.99
  2. Oldies Filter $0.99
  3. Flixelate Filter $0.99
  4. Crystal Filter $0.99
  5. Purple Rain Filter $0.99