Magnetic Keyboard Case for iPhone

What do most people use their iPhone’s for ? Bearing in mind that these are no longer just a simple phone, the 2 most common activities are playing games and typing, be it emails or text messages. Both can be quite difficult at times on a small screen and some games just don’t feel the same using a touchscreen instead of a proper controller. iphone keyboard case-Optimized

Chinese accessories retailer, iPhone5mod, has unveiled a new case that provides both a physical keyboard and a video games controller.  It’s called the Hybrid Controller and it’s completely magnetic, with both components being magnetic sheets, each one only 2mm thick. iPhone5mod claim that this is the thinnest and lightest iPhone keyboard ever made.

The entire kit costs $49.90 and for that you get a keyboard controller, games controller and a charging station. It apparently takes just one hour to fully charge up and you get 40 hours of use and 160 hours of standby.  It all connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 3.0 and you also get a micro USB cable as well.  The case is dust and waterproof although don’t expect it to protect your iPhone from these and you can purchase your kit from the iPhone5mod website.