Magic Cube Laser Keyboard for iPhone

Nearly every concept for the iPhone includes a laser projected keyboard and, some of them are so realistic that even Fox 5 News was fooled into believing the iPhone 5 already had one. While it is unlikely that this kind of technology will ever make its way on a device, it is a good idea. One company have decided to try to make the idea a reality. It’s called the Magic Cube and it’s made by Celluon.

This is not a concept though, this is the real thing and it is available to be bought.  It’s a cube that projects a full-sized QWERTY keyboard onto your desk and it also has virtual mouse capabilities as well.  It connects via Bluetooth or by a supplied USB cable and is compatible with devices running iOS 4 or Android 2 or later, and Windows XP or later. It is also compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth HID.

It includes Celluon Electronic Perception Technology, is small enough to be carried in your pocket and, because it is Bluetooth is simple to connect – simply pair up as you would any other Bluetooth device. It has power-saving mode to enable to be switched on and off easily .

laser keyboard for iPhone 6


The Magic Cube was tested out at CES 2013 by 9to5’s Seth Weintraud, who said :

“For me, it was immediately accurate. As you can see in the video above it just works. I only mis-typed one character out of about 100 words typed and it felt like I could really get used to this type of system. That’s something I never thought possible before this initial try.”

It costs $149, comes in red, silver, black and white and is available for sale at the Celluon Web Store.

Update : Magic Cube is now available for purchase on Amazon. Here is the product link. Works with iPhone , iPad , iPad Mini and iPod Touch .