LockScreen Clock Color Changer – Download

Jailbreaking does not bring any huge change to an iOS device but there are some little customizations that you can add to give it a personal touch . Here is an app that allows you to change the colour of the lockscreen clock . You must have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch to download the app for Free . For more tweaks and themes , visit our Jailbreak App Reviews .

colour clock screen jailbreak app iphone 4s

Steps to use LockScreen ColorClock App :

  1. Launch Cydia and search for ColorClock
  2. It is a free app . Download and install it
  3. After installation is complete , go to Settings > ColorsClock > Enable
  4. Select the color of your choice . There are eight different colour modes to choose from .
  5. Restart the device and you will be able to see the new colour

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Change the fonts on your iPhone and iPod using Font Changer app on Cydia. Please note that the following app is not tested for compatibility i iOSĀ  5.1.1 . Link .

iphone 4 font download