Lock Screen Info – Jailbreak App for Iphone 4

One of the major drawbacks of iOS 4 is that it wont allow lock screen information on the display when your device is locked. LockInfo iPhone 4 jailbreak app adds this feature to your iDevice , just like the notification panel of Android based phones.

LockInfo iphone 4 jailbreak appLock Info is one wonderful jailbreak app by iOS apps developer David Ashman. LockInfo provides very useful notification panel that can be set as your lock screen. Below are some features of this lock screen app.

Features :

  1. Mail – Shows email alerts.
  2. Calendar – Shows calendar event notifications.
  3. SMS – Shows SMS received sent messages.
  4. Phone – Shows missed call & voice mail notifications.
  5. Push Notifications – Shows all push function notifications from applications that support push notifications like Facebook , mail , yahoo messenger,game centre .
  6. Supports Retina Display

This jailbreak app is available on Cydia store for 14 days free trial before you buy it for $4.99 [3 device license] . This app is frequently updated with free upgrades available to premium users. LockInfo is one of the favorite jailbreak apps user by iPhone 4 which gives useful information on the lock screen and one of the main reasons they jailbreak their iPhone.