Liquidmetal allows Headphone Wires to be Stretched 8X Times

Apple currently holds an exclusive multi-year license for a product called Liquidmetal. It’s an amorphous mix of zirconium, titanium, copper and nickel, amongst others and is even stronger than aluminum. However, don’t expect to see it appearing on any Apple products until at least 2017.

liquidmetal headphones iphone 6

In the meantime, one idea for the use of it is conductive wiring. Wires made from this material would be able to stretch up to 8 times their original length and still work properly. Here’s how it works: “The method fills an elastic polymer tube with a liquid gallium and indium alloy that delivers the electricity. By keeping the materials separate, unlike many past attempts, the solution promises the best of both worlds: the conduction we need, and the tolerance for tugs that we want.

The possibilities for such a product are endless, with headphone wires and phone chargers being just 2 of them. The only problem will arise if the wire gets broken in which case the alloy will leak out and render the wire useless.

Expect to see Apple use this to its fullest extent. After all, they do own the only licence in the world to use it in consumer electronic products and us it they will. They have used it before but only in a sim ejector pin that was supplied with the iPhone 3GS.