Linux Phone OS Announced – Ubuntu OS to Compete with iOS

Ubuntu operating system is going mobile, so it has been announced today by Canonical, owners of the Linux-based OS.  For those that don’t know, Linux is a popular desktop based OS that has been in existence since 2004, with new versions being released every 6 months.


ubuntu phone

Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth today ran a demo of the new operating system designed for smartphones, tablets, TV’s and PC’s.  At this point in time no manufacturer has signed up to use Ubuntu and Shuttleworth says that it could be the end of 2013 or early 2014 before this happens.

The interface makes use of all 4 edges of the screen very intuitively – instead of an interface stuffed full of icons, the menus are all available at the edges of the screen with on-swipe gestures.  App switching is easy and controls are only visible when you want them to be.  Voice and text command is available within every app, there is support for both HTML5 and native apps and support is also available for both ARM and x86 chipsets.  Although the OS uses the same drivers as Android it doesn’t include Java run-time which, couple with the SDK makes for easy developing and porting of Ubuntu apps.

Take a look at the video or head over to for more information but with Windows Phone 8 and Firefox OS trying to get into the market as well, it looks like the next year or so could be very interesting.