Limera1n Iphone 4 Jailbreak Software Download

What is LimeRa1n ?

Limera1n is an All-in-One Jailbreak solution for iPhone iOS4 running on Iphone 4 and older iphone devices  as well as touch devices like iPod Touch.

** Tip : Make Calls from your Ipod Touch using Iphone Conversion Kit

LimeRa1n Features :

  1. The user interface of LimeRa1n will be simple just as jailbreaking software Blackra1n and user will have to make only a few simple clicks to perform Limera1n jailbreak.
  2. This jailbreaking software application will be available on Mac and Windows PC’s .
  3. Limera1n for iPhone 4 and earlier versions of iphones  will also have a feature to unlock your device as well which will be named “limesn0w”.
  4. Iphone 4 jailbreak will be released as limera1n rc1 .

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Disclaimer: This is our anticipation for limera1n jailbreak software and no official information is out till now.

Update :

LimeRa1n is live and up for release . Read the latest LimeRa1n Download updates .