Illuminated Charger Cable for iPhone

Here is an awesome charger cable for iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad that comes with an illuminated wire (image below) . The cable lits up when connected to your device and gives the impression of running power through it with light animation . First appeared in CES 2012 , this is one of the most awesome iphone cable we have seen so far . Read more below .

illuminated charger cable  iphone

Features :

The USB cable used Electroluminescent technology to “visibly show the electrical current flowing through the cable.” The flow of animation is faster when your iPhone is low on power and as it gets over 60% charge, the light flow slows down automatically , shutting down when the device is fully charged . See the video below .

Compatibility :

The illuminated cable simply replaces the USB cable provided with your phone . There is no compatibility issues with the device and can charge and sync all your iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad models .

Price $35Buy Now .