Latest Survey Reveals Kids want iPad for Christmas

Have your kids made out their Christmas lists yet ?  There won’t be much on it this year, in fact you will probably only find one item. Because all your child really wants for Christmas this year is an iPad.  Don’t even think about saying that your children are too young for such an expensive “Toy” either. Recent surveys have shown that 48% of children aged between 6 and 12 want one and 21% of those older than 12 want one as well.

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The iPad has knocked the Microsoft Surface tablet off the list, with the new Nintendo Wii U coming in a close second and  the iPod Touch in third place. The ever popular iPhone? For the older generation of teens, its way down the list. After all, they probably already have one anyway so what do they need another one for? For the younger generation of children, Apple products dominate the Christmas lists with the iPod and iPhone being up there in the top 5 as well. Several online sites are selling iPad’s bundled with great offers .

ipad demand kids_survey_nielsen

iPad demands teens_survey_nielsen

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No, quite simply, the iPad is the top must-have christmas gift of 2012. Not just any old iPad though. The new iPad mini hasn’t even gotten a look in, not even the new Retina Display model. The surveys have revealed, quite categorically, that the iPad everyone wants is the larger than life, full size iPad 4. And with a price tag of around $500 one wonders how many will be left wanting.

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