Latest iPhone 5 Accessories

The iPhone 5 brought a couple of changes in terms of connectivity, shape and size – which means that our previous set of accessories might have become a little bit obsolete and in dire need of replacement. The iPhone 5 is obviously capable of plenty things but the point is to get as much as we can out of it. Now, the first issue with any accessory is that it’s bound to drain its battery sooner or later. Therefore, let’s discuss a little bit the advantages of using docked accessories – that can only mean that while your iPhone is providing you quality entertainment it will also remain juiced up for the entire duration.

Note : Some accessories may require USB converter to support the new lightning cable

1. Lighting Dock for iPhone 5  – Black and White

iphone 5 lightning dock

Since Apple dropped the idea of building a charging dock for the iPhone, a bunch of third-party companies went ahead and designed something similar to what Apple had to offer in the past. Now, this particular accessory is not necessarily state of the art, or a matter of wondrous entertainment, but it’s a sure thing that it will be quite useful in any office.

Buy Here : Link $12.99 . Also available in white

2. Jawbone Jambox – Portable Wireless Speakers 

portable wireless speaker for iphone 5

Consider a wireless speaker. Now add a little color to that. Now add music quality. The Jawbone Jambox is one of those compact, but high-quality speakers that come with an impressive sound quality. One can even use it as a speakerphone for conferences. The only issue is that given that it’s a Bluetooth connected accessory, your iPhone might have a little battery shortage in a short while.

Buy Here : Link

3. Bose AE2i Headphones

Since we were discussing music quality, it seems fair to add a few notes about a pair of quality headphones. A cushioned headset, with an incredibly quality when it comes to the entire musical spectrum and just to keep things interesting, it integrates a microphone and a remote. This means that you will not have to switch to your iPhone every time you want to hit next or shuffle. Fairly compact, and quite comfortable, with a sound quality ready to impress almost any audiophile, Bose does not disappoint with this particular set.

Buy Here : Link

4. Spigen Stylus Pen for iPhone 5

iphone 5 stylus-

If you also have an iPad, this is quite an interesting product. With the iPhone 5’s larger screen, there isn’t necessarily a deep need for a Stylus, but we can all agree that with certain applications, a stylus would certainly make things easier to handle. It’s well built, and has a terrific grip. Not to mention the fact that the range of colors it comes in, is ready to satisfy even the pickiest customer.

Buy Here : Link Price $16.99

5. JBL OnBeat Micro for iPhone 5

iphone 5 dock

On November 15, JBL announced that it will launch its first two Lightning-compatible speaker docks, meaning that the products that come with the new connector type will finally see some direct support. Based on a short listening session, there’s one thing clear about the JBL OnBeat Micro – the sound is astounding, full and clear. Optional bass or vocal boosts pose no problems for the product either.

Buy Here : Link Price $199.00