KeyLess Entry for your Home using iPhone 5

How many times have you left the house unlocked, or gone out and left your keys at home ? We’ve all done it at some time or another and it can be very frustrating. From next year there will no longer be any need to worry. Apigy are releasing a brand new keyless lock that can be controlled from your mobile phone and its called Lockitron.  It works by using Wi-Fi and a smartphone app. And, if you have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 the Lockitron will make use of Bluetooth 4 – more about that later.  First of all, let’s have a look at the Lockitron and how it works.

lockitron home lock security system for iphone

It is manufactured from plastic and is exceedingly simple to fit.  Using the screwdriver supplied with the kit all you have to do is loosen off the screw holding your door handle and lock in place, slide the Lockitron backing plate behind and tighten the screws. The Lockitron case then fits over the top of the handle and lock and is locked in place using a dial on the front. This box is equipped with Bluetooth 4 and communicates via Wi-Fi.

The second part of the system is the smartphone application.  It’s a very simple app with 2 buttons – lock and unlock.  If you have an older mobile the Lockitron has been modified for use with a text messaging system instead of Wi-Fi.  The top features of the Lockitron Keyless Entry include:

  • Shared access. Providing each person has the same app and are all signed to the same account, the account holder can share access with them and can lock and unlock the door remotely.
  • Bluetooth 4. This is useful for those of you with either the iPhone 4S or 5.  THe Bluetooth 4 within the Lockitron connects to your phone and senses when you are near the door, unlocking it for you. If you move more than 10 metres away it will lock the door. All other mobile users operate the lock by swiping the phone in front of it.
  • Sensors. The Lockitron is equipped with a sensor that will notify the account holder when the door is used, useful if you are not at home and your children are supposed to be!  It also has a sensor that will notify you when some-one knocks on the door.

YouTube Video : Lockitron

The Lockitron is operated using 4 AA batteries which last for about a year. When the batteries are running low Lockitron sends a notification to the account holder to tell them. It comes in 3 different colors – black, blue and silver and is due to be released in March 2013. You can pre-order through Apigy now to get your Lockitron at the special price of $149 for each lock, although you will not actually be charged until your lock is ready to be shipped out to you.

Source : Lockitron