JoyStick for iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Joystick-it is a gaming accessory for iPhone 4 that is designed to work as a physical joystick for playing games . Control your moves with the joystick instead of pesky touch controls . First introduced for the iPad this attachable accessory now works on smaller touch screens of iPhone and iPod Touch .

joystick iphone 4 ipod touch 4 ipad

Joystick-it arcade stick works on a range of games and is easy to install and remove . Just place it over the touch controls of the game and  start playing right away . Remove it when you are done . According to the maker , Joystick-it increases the precision of handing by the gamer and acts as an onscreen control pad for complex figure based gestures . Joystick-iT makes gaming on your iOS device a lot easier

Pricing and Compatibility :

You can get Joystickit for $24.99 a piece and $39.99 for a pair on Joystick-iT also supports Android Phones and tablets .

Check out the joystick in action on a iPad – YouTube Video :