Jailbreak Tweaks Allow You to Passcode Protect Apps and Folders

We’re coming to the end of yet another year and one of the best jailbreak tweaks to grace Cydia was Lockdown Pro, a great little app that allowed you to password protect your apps. The only downside to it is that it is not compatible with iOS 6.x.x.  Thanks to developer greensnow we now have 2 more of these apps to look forward to – Icon Passcode and Folder Passcode. Now, not only can you passcode protect your apps but all your folders too.

password protect apps iphone 4-Optimized

With Icon Passcode, simply install, go to Settings > Icon Passcode and set a master passcode. You can then set protection for each individual icon. On top of that you can also lock down your app switcher, giving you another wall of protection.  Folder Passcode is similar in that you need to set a master passcode first. Protecting your folders is simple – long-press on the folder until it jiggles, then change the title to “lock” and press Done.  The title will change back to the correct one afterwards.

Both of these apps are available for free on Cydia via ModMyi repository. To jailbreak your iOS device , read our How-to Tutorials .