Jailbreak Ipod Touch 4

Last time i wrote about jailbreaking and benefits of jailbreaking ipod touch 4 . In this tutorial , I will explain how you can jailbreak your ipod touch 4 using Pwnage Tool [Jailbreak Tool].

What is Pwnage Tool ?

Pwnage Tool is a Jailbreaking tool that builds custom .ipsw files [firmware files] , that will jailbreak your device. You have to build the files which takes 10 -15 minutes and then install the firmware using Restore Method in Itunes . The jailbreak process is very simple , but you need your computer to perform the operation.

Please Note that the jailbreak is un-tethered , that is you have to boot your device into jailbreak mode every time you switch off your device . Follow the steps below to jailbreak ipod touch 4 and install Cydia .

Steps to Jailbreak Ipod Touch 4 using Pwnage Tool :

After having jailbroken your ipod touch 4 using Pwnage Tool , you will find Cydia icon on your ipod touch 4 . Tap the icon to download jailbreak apps on your ipod touch 4 .

[via Iphone 4 Jailbreak Blog]

Alternative Jailbreak Tools :

  • LimeRa1n
  • GreenPoison
  • RedSn0w
  • SnowBreeze

I will be writing about this tool in the future articles. To get more tips and tricks for your ipod touch 4 . dont forget to join our Facebook Fan page .