Jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1.1 – Redsn0w

iPhone 4 can be jailbroken on the latest iOS 5.1.1 firmware using Redsnow 0.9.10b8b firmware . Please note that the jailbreak is tethered which means you have to connect to a computer to get it running once switched OFF . A tethered jailbroken iPhone or any other tethered iOS device like iPod Touch and iPad cannot be switched ON just by pressing the power button . It will remain stuck at the Apple logo. All you have to do is connected to Redsnow and click on “Just Boot” option to turn it on again .

Update : Absinthe 2.0 is available for download (link). Get 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak on your iOS device ( iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPad 3 , iPad 2 , iPad 1st generation , iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4 ) . Absinthe 2.0 is the Recommended Jailbreak Tool for iOS 5.1.1 (link).

Steps to jailbreak iPhone 4 5.1.1 iOS Firmware :

  1. First download Redsnow 0.9.10b8b for your Windows and Mac redsn0w-0.9.10b8b redsnow download
  2. If you are already jailbroken , backup your jailbreak apps with AptBackup or PkgBackup. Details to back up cydia apps before jailbreak is explained here .
  3. Now upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 firmware via iTunes or OTA updates available under Settings > General > Software Update . Ultrasn0w and Gevey Sim users follow this tutorial to preserve baseband during 5.1.1 upgrade
  4. After the upgrade is done download iOS 5.1 firmware for your device on your desktop . You need to select this .ipsw file for jailbreaking
  5. Launch Redsnow and select “Extras” button
  6. Click on “Select IPSW” and browse to the iOS 5.1 .ipsw file you downloaded in Step 4
  7. Click “Back” button and then click on “Jailbreak
  8. Now follow onscreen instructions to jailbreak your iPhone 4 bu putting it on DFU mode
  9. Let Redsn0w run and install the jailbreak, the iOS device will eventually reboot .
  10. Look for the Cydia icon to confirm the jailbreak is successful.

Note : Since it is a tethered boot , once you switch your phone OFF or Reboot it you have to put your device in DFU mode , connect with the computer via USB cable , launch Redsnow , go to Extras > Just Boot to get it working back again as normal. In untethered jailbreak , this step is not required and the device functions as normal .

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