Jailbreak Iphone 4 4.3.1 – Pwnage Tool Tutorial

Now Jailbreak Iphone 4 4.3.1 using Pwnage Tool on Mac . Pwnage Tool Developer Djayb6 released Pwnage Tool bundles 4.3.1 for jailbreaking the latest iPhone 4 firmware .  You can use the new Pwnage Tool Bundles along with earlier version of Pwnage Jailbreaking Tool to bring tethered jailbreak on iOS 4.3.1 iPhone 4 . Please follow the tutorial below to proceed .

jailbreak iphone 4 4.3.1

Compatibility :

Pwnage Tool 4.3.1 can jailbreak iPhone 4 3GS iPad Ipod Touch 4 on Mac OS only . If you are a Windows OS user , you must wait for SnowBreeze 2.4 to jailbreak your device . Subscribe to our updates to get latest Windows 4.3.1 iPhone 4 Jailbreak News . 4.3.1 PwnageTool Jailbreak is Tethered Only jailbreak . You need to connect with your computer to boot your device once you turn it off.

Steps to Jailbreak Iphone 4 4.3.1 Firmware :

  1. Download PwnageTool 4.2
  2. Download iOS 4.3.1 ipsw file
  3. Install iTunes 10.2.1 latest version on your computer
  4. Now download PwnageTool Bundles for iOS 4.3.1 on iPhone 4 here [iphone 4 3GS iPad iPod Touch]
  5. Bring all the downloaded contents on your desktop
  6. Right click on your Pwnage Tool application and “Show Package Contents”
  7. Browse to Contents/Resources/FirmwareBundles/and replace the existing files with the news bundle files
  8. Now download RamDisk Fixer from here and launch it . Running the RamDisk Fixer on your system will fix the broken Ramdisk in the current version of PwnageTool 4.2. Goto next step .
  9. Build custom 4.3.1 firmware with your Pwnage Tool by launching the application and choosing Expert Mode . 4.3.1 jailbreak
  10. Browse to the downloaded 4.3.1 ipsw file in step 2 . Allow PwnageTool to build iOS 4.3.1 custom firmware file . jailbreak 4.3.1
  11. Launch iTunes 10.2.1 and sync your phone to back up .
  12. Now restore your Iphone to the custom-built firmware by hold Alt key on your keyboard and click on Restore in iTunes  . Choose the Custom ipsw firmware when asked . restore
  13. Wait for the device to reboot for the changes to take place . Goto next step for Tethered Booting .
  14. Download Tethered Boot utility from here and extract the files on your desktop.
  15. Rename the iOS 4.3.1 .ipsw file you created in the above process and name it .zip .
  16. Now extract its contents on your desktop .
  17. Navigate to /Firmware/dfu/ and copy files kernelcache.release.n90 and iBSS.n90ap.RELEASE.dfu and move them to folder “tetheredboot” created in step 14 above .
  18. Turn on your iPhone 4 and launch terminal on your Mac . Issue the follow commands

sudo -s

enter your administrator password, then:


Replace “Directory” with your directory name on your Mac . After doing the above process you will be asked to enter DFU mode on your iPhone 4 . To enter DFU Mode hold the Power and Home button together for first 10 seconds and then release the Power button but keep holding the home button for another 10 seconds. Now release the home button . You device is now in DFU Mode .

Wait for your device to restart and you have now a 4.3.1 Jailbroken iPhone 4 . Dont forget to Install Cydia 1.1 soon after your jailbreak your device with Pwnage Tool .

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