Jailbreak Iphone 4 4.2 Latest Update

Here are the latest updates from the member of iphone 4 jailbreak team who created the JailbreakMe exploit for iphone 4 4.0 firmware. Comex from iphone dev team tweeted that next jailbreak iphone 4 4.2 firmware may be delayed as Cydia [the jailbreak app store] is currently not running on the new firmware .

jailbreak iphone 4 4.2

I think this is a new trick from Apple , as now they are not just filling the holes of jailbreak , but also making life hard for Cydia Developers . They are trying to cause hindrance in the installation process of Cydia and the way it works. So expect that many Cydia Jailbreak Apps may start to malfunction or even stop functioning on the new iphone 4 4.2 Jailbreak . This is just our assumption and we can’t tell for sure unless we have a word from the Dev Team. So stay tuned and follow our updates by subscribing to email alerts . Alternatively join us on Facebook .

Just to keep you updated, Stay away from Iphone 4 4.2 firmware update that was released for developers few days back.

iOS iphone 4 4.2 Beta jailbreak

We are expecting a public release in a couple of days , so you may get a pop up to upgrade to the new iOS 4.2 firmware . Save your SHSH Blobs now before its too late .