Apple TV got Shattered in 30 Minutes


Latest Update :

2nd generation iTV launched by Apple recently was jailbroken last day by the Dev Team . Twitter updates from @p0sixninja suggest that the whole process took just under 30 minutes to complete.

jailbreak iphone 4 4.1

Few days back we posted about the iPod Touch 4 running on iOS 4.1 was shattered [Video] . This time the  Dev confirmed Shatter can trick Apple’s new Apple TV 2G into restoring to a pre-jailbroken IPSW from PwnageTool too.

Watch the video below : Apple TV Jailbroken

What does a Jailbroken Apple TV allow ?

One of our readers Chaun asked , What are the benefits of jailbreaking Apple TV ? Well we can’t say much at the moment as the jailbreak took place a day ago , so practically no apps are there for the Apple TV at the moment . Since there is just one official app named Low Tide in the iTV’s user interface , jailbreaking will allow us to add more features just like the jailbroken iPhone 4. I am not sure , maybe we can download movies via 3rd part broadcasters , use torrents for downloading etc . Will update this post as soon as we have more news from the Dev’s .

No ETA for the next jailbreak GreenPoison based on boot exploit Shatter is available yet . Stay tuned as we bring you the updates 24×7 .

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